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TMIB Youtube True Lightnin A Faster Safer & smaller Youtube Video & Audio Downloader Presented to you By TMIB TRUE MAKERS )


Youtube True Lightnin is a  application that allows to download videos and audios directly from YouTube without any need to install java to download from java youtube sites & trust their connection.
Youtube True Lightnin is a Simple App that retrives the data as per the format chosen by user without converting the file after download  
Youtube True Lightnin an App that can download video in WebM format, with the latest Photograph tech. 4K resolution that is 4x of 1080p & downloads even in Nvidia's tech. Sterepscopic 3D Video Format too.

All the other Pixels are available on Youtube video such as- 1080p,720p........& So on

This is recompiled version of TMIB videodownloader with more faster downloads new "tech" user interface with support of Background replacement. Please download & install the Selected fonts from HERE 

Some extra features - Autoplay of video,Watch thumbnail image of video..........& son on

Check TMIB Site -

Downloader idle

Save File dialogue

This is The downloader window the File save Dialog.

In this the resolution is set be downloaded at the 4K opt.

Downloader with Context menu

Context menu is featuring many opts such as Help,New Instance(Two or more windows of same program).

& so on.......... 

Installer & To create Shortcut

This window is used to create a shortcut for the selected program,Also install to selected directory........

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